The Meditation Coalition is a group of teachers, facilitators and students dedicated to providing access to meditation and Buddhist teachings for all who are interested. We belong to the communities we support and serve. We are committed to ethical behavior, social justice, and compassionate action.

The Meditation Coalition envisions joining together with other groups or individuals to hold events, retreats, series and classes to fulfill the desire to practice meditation and compassionate action in the greater Los Angeles area. We are aligned with the common cause of liberation from suffering for all beings.

Meditation Coalition has grown from many roots and aspires to:

  • cultivate balance, equality and freedom from the standard hierarchical and patriarchal ideology that often dominates the way we move through the world
  • wake up to all of the ways that racism disables equity.
  • honor original feminist values of equality and shared power for all genders and expressions
  • practice in spaces that provide accessibility for those that are living with disabilities and limitations

We will not operate as a traditional organization but will be fluid, joining with other like-minded individuals and groups for specific events to support and be supported in what we do (sharing spaces, resources, access, talents, creativity, skills). Although founded by JoAnna Hardy and Mary Stancavage, we will act in alliance with others for combined action.