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Undoing Patriarchy and Unveiling the Sacred Masculine with Lama Rod Owens

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Co-Sponsored By Meditation Coalition & InsightLA

What is happening at the intersections of white supremacy, patriarchy, and our sexuality as men? 

What is it to bring presence and practice to this? 

What is it to be upright and awake in the midst of sexual energy and the delusions of what patriarchy claims to offer?

What is it to disrupt these toxic stories of patriarchy and attend to the harm it causes us? 

Through retreat, meditation, dialogue, sharing and personal storytelling, journaling and ritual, we will together unpack how patriarchy has shaped our expressions of masculinity and the self more generally. We will take up a dharmic lens to examine our relationship to violence and domination, power, femininity, love and sexuality along a path to unveiling and honoring non-patriarchal expressions of who we are as human beings. Our intention is to illuminate how patriarchal expressions of self create suffering for all of us as we begin to develop a relationship to a more sacred masculinity. Our hope is that these efforts will not only further our own liberation, but begin to cultivate spiritual communities and a human world where both the sacred feminine and masculine are held in loving balance.

**This weekend workshop is for all those who self-identify as male


Saturday February 16th – 10am – 5pm

Sunday Febrauary 17th – 10am – 5pmĀ 


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